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Idaho woman will strip down for Discovery’s ‘Naked and Afraid.’

Jake and Holly resting in “Naked and Afraid,” premiering March 7 | Discovery Channel
BOISE (Idaho Statesman) — Feel free to shed a few clothes and get comfortable watching Discovery Channel on Sunday.
Just know that one Idaho native won’t be so comfy. (The one scratching bug bites on your TV screen.)
McCall resident Holly Moss will appear in the season premiere of “Naked and Afraid,” airing at 9 p.m. March 7. The long-running reality series puts two strangers — one man, one woman — into extreme environments for 21 days with a major challenge: They’re nude.
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Moss, 26, graduated from McCall-Donnelly High School. She earned a degree at The College of Idaho and received her master’s from the University of Idaho’s McCall Outdoor Science School.
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Here’s the description of the episode, titled “No Rain, No Gain,” and filmed in the United States: “Torrential downpours hammer the survivalists as soon as they’re dropped into the Georgia rainforest. Pushed by the weather, mountain lions, black bears and poisonous copperheads, the pair create a bond that leads to a life-changing decision.”
Moss’ family is planning a watch party, according to her mother, Vickie Moss. However, Vickie promised Holly that she’d wait to watch it with her.
A sushi chef, Holly currently is working seasonally on the Caribbean island of St. John, Vickie said.
Holly Moss is not the first Idahoan to participate in the series. Stacey Osorio from Stites participated in the show in 2016.
Pocatello native Jeff Zausch has been on multiple seasons and versions of Naked and Afraid. interviewed him here.
Pocatello couple Star Torres and Tony Wheeler also participated on the show in 2019.
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