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Idaho Falls man facing multiple sex offense charges involving minors

Taylor Joseph Blair-McKelvey | Bonneville County Jail
IDAHO FALLS — A 20-year-old Idaho Falls man already facing multiple charges involving sexual offenses with minors has received three new similar charges against him.
One case was filed on Nov. 18 for an incident that happened in April.
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Court documents say an officer with the Idaho Falls Police Department began analyzing Taylor Joseph Blair-McKelvey’s Snapchat account using a search warrant. The officer found concerning conversations and discovered that Blair-McKelvey was speaking with multiple girls that identified themselves as 13 to 16 years old.
Blair-McKelvey identified himself as 17 years old in some messages and 20 years old in other messages.
Police records show on April 23, around 10 p.m., Blair-McKelvey told a 14-year-old girl that he wanted to hang out that night. She said it was too late but he told her that “tonight is the only time that he can.” Blair-McKelvey told her he would go to the corner of the street where she lives and sneak her out.
The officer talked to the victim to follow up on what happened that night. She said she went on a car ride with him and that she was touched inappropriately by him. She said that he kept trying to touch her, and she told him not to. She told the officer Blair-McKelvey took his hand and went under her shirt.
An officer interviewed Blair-McKelvey about the incident. He said he had “no clue” what the officer was talking about. He shook his head when the officer asked if he ever went out with the minor. He said he would not have touched her inappropriately. He also stated he had not asked girls to sneak out of their houses before.
Blair-McKelvey was charged with felony child sexual abuse and misdemeanor enticing children for that alleged incident.
Another case was filed against Blair-McKelvey on Nov. 18 for a separate April incident. While searching through his Snapchat records, officers found an interaction with a different 14-year-old girl. Documents show Blair-McKelvey told the girl he was 17-year-old, and they exchanged nude photos. He encouraged her to sneak out so that he could pick her up.
When officers interviewed the victim, she confirmed that they exchanged nude photos.
Blair-McKelvey was charged with felony enticing children through the internet for that incident.
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In the third case filed against him on Nov. 18, a 14-year-old girl reported a sexual assault that happened in April with Blair-McKelvey. She told the officer she was hanging out with friends, and there was a 20-year-old named Taylor.
She said she had met Blair-McKelvey before, and she had even ridden in his vehicle. He offered to give her a ride home. He drove her there, but on the way, stopped the vehicle and started to touch her inappropriately. She told him, no, but he used force and continued. She said he made a comment, “something would happen with the gun if she didn’t listen.” She told the officer she knew he had one and wasn’t supposed to, but she did not see the gun.
She said he then proceeded to force himself on her. She told officers he has had sex with other girls forcefully and that he has bragged to her about the sex.
Officers interviewed him, and he said he had no idea what they were talking about. He was charged with felony rape in that case.
He is scheduled for preliminary hearings in December at the Bonneville County courthouse. His bond between the three cases was set at $250,000.
This is not the first time Blair-McKelvey has been in the news. He faces similar charges for felony rape and felony enticement of children through the internet. Click here to learn more.
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