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Idaho cities and counties would be prohibited from regulating knives under new bill

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If a new bill introduced Wednesday in the Idaho Legislature becomes law, cities, counties and other local units of government would be prohibited from regulating knives.
Rep. Jordan Redman, R- Coeur d’Alene, sponsored the new bill, saying knives are a form of arms that are protected by the Second Amendment.
“(This) is a bill that would enact a state knife preemption law that would prevent political subdivisions in the state from regulating the possession sale, transfer or manufacturing of knives,” Redman told the House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday. “Idaho has (a) preemption law to protect firearms from local regulation, and we would like to do the same for knives.”
Political subdivisions are any city, county, municipal corporation, health district or irrigation district.
Redman said the bill would not apply to school districts and courthouses, which would be allowed to continue to regulate knives if the bill passes.
Redman said he carries a knife every day, and Idaho would join 13 other states with similar laws in place if the bill passes.
Wednesday’s hearing was only an introductory hearing, which does not include public testimony.
Introducing the bill clears the way for it to return to a legislative committee for a full public hearing.
If the bill passes out of committee, it would still need to pass the full Idaho House of Representatives and then be sent to the Idaho Senate for another committee hearing and floor vote before it could be sent to Gov. Brad Little’s desk for final consideration.
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