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How old is too old for jury duty in Idaho? Here are state’s age requirements to serve

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BOISE (Idaho Statesman) — For many Americans, jury duty is a constant possibility as endless court cases pass through the legal system and jurors are needed to listen to and consider all the evidence.
But serving on a jury in Idaho requires a specific set of qualifications. Here’s what to know about what it takes to serve on a jury in Idaho and the process of being called for jury duty, including whether things like an age limit can disqualify an individual.
Idaho law states you are qualified to be a juror if you are:

A U.S. citizen at least 18 years old
Can understand enough English to discuss the case
A resident of the Idaho county that sent the summons
Have not served on a jury in the past 12 months
Not already on a grand or trial jury
Not under a conservatorship
Not in jail or prison
Not on parole or probation for a felony
Not registered as a sex offender
Not convicted of wrongdoing while in public office and have not had your civil rights restored

There is no old-age limit in Idaho for serving on a jury. However, federal law allows Idaho residents who are 70 or older to request to be excused.
Title 2, Chapter 2 of the Idaho statutes states the following:
“A person who is seventy (70) years of age or older shall be permanently excused if the person indicates on the qualification questionnaire form that he or she wishes to be excused. A person who requests to be excused on this basis shall be reinstated to the county jury list by submitting a written request asking to be reinstated for jury service.”
An individual can also be excused from jury duty if they have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from being able to serve.
In order to be excused for mental or physical disability reasons, you must complete a court-issued questionnaire and provide a medical excuse from your physician.
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