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Great Scott! Rexburg Arts is sending you ‘Back to the Future’ this Saturday

REXBURG — Gas up the Delorean and crank the Huey Lewis and the News to “11!” “Back to the Future” is coming back to the big screen for one night only, at 6:30 pm this Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Romance Theater in Rexburg!
The movie is the centerpiece of Rexburg Arts’ latest “Extended Play Cinema” event. “Extended Play Cinema” is a series that bring fan-favorite movies back to the big screen. But “Extended Play Cinema” is much more than just a movie screening.
“We do show a movie but it’s way more than just a movie,” Rexburg Arts spokeswoman Emily Miller told “We make a whole experience out of it. In the half-hour before we start the movie, we have games and activities, trivia and we have some really fun prizes that we’re going to give away.”
“Extended Play Cinema” games and activities are inspired by the movie being screened that night. Past “Extended Play” events have featured “The Sandlot,” “Napoleon Dynamite” and “The Greatest Showman” sing-along. Miller said this weekend’s event will include live 50s music performed by local musicians and a costume contest with some fun prizes.
“We’d love it if people came in costume,” Miller said. “We’re suggesting that can people dress in attire from the 50s or the 80s or the future or they can dress as a character from the movie.”

Courtesy Rexburg Arts Facebook
Now seen as one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, “Back to the Future” follows Marty McFly as he travels back in time from the 1980s to the 1950s. After his mother develops a crush on him, Marty must figure out a way to get his parents together or cease to be.
“It’s such a fun movie,” said Miller. “It’s funny, and it’s got a fun storyline, and there are many ways to interact with this movie. We’re going to have some interactive things going on during the movie. Not that it will be a distraction from the movie but that makes it a little different experience from just going to a movie.”
One reason “Back to the Future” was selected is that through its focus on the Hill Valley clocktower, the film spotlights the idea of preserving historic buildings. It’s a relevant theme in that there are a number of historic buildings in Rexburg that are in need of work.
“For us in the Cultural Arts Department, we work in the Tabernacle and The Romance Theater, and both of these are really old beautiful buildings,” Miller said. “We love bringing people to these buildings so that they can enjoy their historic nature and appreciate that we still have them and their history and the people who sacrificed to build them.”
Miller said information will be available at “Back to the Future” for people who want to donate to or get involved with the preservation of Rexburg’s historical buildings.
“We have historic buildings that have needs,” said Miller. “We would love for people to get behind any efforts we make to preserve these buildings. We take donations on our website all this time but we’ll have information to direct people to how to do that if they want to.”
Rexburg Arts’ “Extended Play Cinema: Back to the Future” screening is this Saturday at 6:30 pm at The Romance Theater in Rexburg. Click here to get tickets or purchase them at the door. $8.00 event tickets include admission to the activities and the movie while the limited-quantity $12.00 premium tickets include concessions and a “Back to the Future”-themed swag bag.

Photo by Kaatia Larsen. Courtesy Rexburg Cultural Arts
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