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Fourth annual Rexburg Pride event happening this weekend

Participants at last year’s Rexburg Pride celebration at Porter Park. | Courtesy Doug Pawson
REXBURG – Organizers are gearing up for the fourth annual Rexburg Pride event at Porter Park this weekend.
It’s happening Saturday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Flourish Point, a local nonprofit LGBTQ+ resource center, is sponsoring the event. Board member and pride director Doug Pawson tells the purpose of the celebration is to “create an opportunity where people can feel safe being themselves.”
“It’s a place where people don’t have to pretend who they are. They can just be accepted for who they are inside and feel like they’re part of the community,” Pawson says.
Another purpose of the event is to help “bridge the gap” between the Rexburg community and the “rather large LGBTQ community that’s in Rexburg.” There are about 1,500 LGBTQ+ people who live in Rexburg, according to Pawson.
“It will allow people to see that we’re not all monsters and we’re not sex-crazed addicts trying to corrupt people. We’re here, we live among you and we’re part of your community, too,” Pawson says.
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There will be a variety of family-friendly activities going on, including live band performances and art displays in the northeast corner of the park. About 35 vendors will be on-hand throughout the event.
Pawson says there will be something happening about every half hour that day.
“At 4:15, we’ll have the pride solidarity walk where everybody can take a lap around the park as a show of (support for the gay community),” Pawson says. “It’s a pretty common thing at most pride events.”
Average attendance at the pride event in previous years was between 1,000 and 1,500 people. Pawson is anticipating a similar turnout at this year’s event.
Those opposed to the event have shown up in the past to protest it. Officers with the Rexburg Police Department will be there to provide security and make sure the event remains peaceful.

A man at the 2023 Rexburg pride festival in a rainbow-colored mohawk walks away as Ron Nate, left, holds a sign in protest. | Rett Nelson,
Pawson is looking forward to the celebration and invites the community to attend.
“I’m really grateful for the way the city works with us. We have a really good relationship with the mayor, the city council and the Rexburg Arts Department. It’s really nice to see that they give us the support we need to put on an event like this,” Pawson says. “It’s a big party for everybody and we love putting it on every year.” is planning to attend and will have additional coverage this weekend.
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