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Four kids build lemonade stand to donate money to nonprofit organizations

The Bugbee lemonade stand. | Courtesy Katie Bugbee
IDAHO FALLS — Instead of earning money for toys or treats, four local children decided to take the money they raised from their lemonade stand this summer and donate it to good causes.
The Bugbee children from Idaho Falls, Oliver, 3, Juliana, 7, Troy, 6 and Anjanette, 11, came up with the idea to have a lemonade stand this summer and donate the money they raised to organizations that they wanted to give back to.

The Bugbee children. Troy (left), Anjanette, Juliana and Oliver. | Andrea Olson,
“They did two lemonade stands and people were really supportive and very generous,” said Katie Bugbee, the children’s mother.
Katie said her children set up their lemonade stand in July off of Sunnyside and then later in the month at a garage sale at their home.
The kids ended up earning enough money to donate to two nonprofit organizations. They purchased and donated 684 pull-ups, which is six boxes, to the Idaho Falls Area Humanitarian Center. The center provides clothes, blankets, hygiene kits, toys and much more to people in need.
The center posted on Facebook, “We are grateful for their donation and example of service.”

“It made me feel happy (to donate),” Anjanette told
The Bugbee kids also donated $205 to Champ’s Heart at Sandy Downs during rodeo week. Champ’s Heart is an equine ministry giving children and veterans who are facing emotional, physical or cognitive challenges an opportunity to connect with horses.
Katie said her children have benefitted from Champ’s Heart for about four years.
“We got involved with them when we found out our second daughter had a speech disorder. That was followed up by our son also having a speech disorder and a hand disorder…as well as ADHD. Our oldest daughter was also diagnosed with ADHD and executive functioning disorder,” Katie told “She has blossomed under the experiences she’s had at Champ’s Heart.”
She explained it was finally a chance for them to give to Champ’s Heart.
“We were grateful to be able to give back to them for that. The kids worked hard,” Katie said.
The founder of Champ’s Heart, Larry Cudmore, told he was so grateful for the children’s lemonade donations.

Larry Cudmore with some of the Bugbee children during rodeo week. | Courtesy Katie Bugbee
“Absolutely wonderful. Even more special because I know the children so well. They have been in my program for a long, long time,” he said. “We have to buy helmets, we have to buy safety belts. I have to come up with about $18,000 a year for hay. It’s such a wonderful example of everyone doing what they can.”
Cudmore explained one of the Bugbee children had handed him an envelope with the money inside of it last week on Wednesday at Sandy Downs in the arena.
“That was exciting. I was kind of overwhelmed at the time,” Cudmore said. “It really is wonderful and representative of what the program means to them.”
Katie said this is the first year her children have donated to different organizations. They are planning on doing it as many times as they can and will find other groups that can benefit from it.
“I am super proud (of them). They worked really hard and they had a lot of fun with it and I look forward to seeing where they take it from here,” Katie said.

The envelope with money. | Courtesy Snaps by Serena

The pull-ups donation. | Courtesy Katie Bugbee
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