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Firth community throws parade to honor woman’s 100th birthday

Photos by Silas Wright,
FIRTH — Most people in Firth can’t remember a time without their neighbor, Mildred Mecham, and they wanted to show their appreciation by surprising her with her very own parade for her 100th birthday
On Friday, more than 20 cars and a firetruck passed her house with people holding signs and playing music to celebrate the special occasion.

Kelly Park, one of Mecham’s neighbors, came up with the idea after the same thing was done for her brother-in-law’s friend. She planned the parade through social media, and the community was happy to participate.
“It’s a really nice way to honor someone,” said Lisa Geary. “We couldn’t have a party, so this was the next best thing. Anyone who lives to be 100 deserves a parade. She’s such a kind and sweet lady.”
Dale Christsensen added, “We needed to do it. … She has been a wonderful lady, she deserves our respect and honor.”
The surprise ended up being a great success and Mecham was thankful for everyone who helped.
“I’m shocked,” she said. “It made me feel great. I think there are some good people that live in Firth, and I’m grateful for the friendship that we have. … It’s a great place to live.”


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