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Filing period opens for Idaho legislative candidates file photo
BOISE (Idaho Capital Sun) — The filing period for candidates running for the Idaho Legislature and other elected offices opened Monday morning, kicking the 2024 campaign season up yet another notch in Idaho.
The filing period will remain open until 5 p.m. March 15. The forms necessary to run for office, as well as a list of candidates who have filed for office, is available on the new Vote Idaho website launched by the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office.
This year, all 105 seats in the Idaho Legislature are up for election.
In addition, Matt Loesby, a Libertarian Party candidate; Brendan Gomez, a Constitution Party candidate, and incumbent Republican Rep. Russ Fulcher, filed to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.
In Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District, Republican incumbent Mike Simpson and Democrat David Roth filed to run.
The primary election is set for May 21, and the winners of the primary election will advance to the Nov. 5 general election.
Here are the legislative candidates who have filed to run in May 21 primary election, as of 5:17 p.m. Monday.
* Denotes incumbent
District 1
House Seat A: Democrat Karen Matthee, Sandpoint
House Seat B: Republican Chuck Lowman, Sandpoint; Democrat Kathryn Larson, Sagle
District 2
Senate: Democrat Tom Hearn, St. Maries
House Seat A: *Republican Heather Scott, Blanchard
House Seat B
District 3
Senate: *Republican Doug Okuniewicz, Hayden
House Seat A: *Republican Vito Barbieri, Dalton Gardens
House Seat B: *Republican Jordan Redman, Coeur d’Alene
District 4
Senate: *Ben Toews, Coeur d’Alene
House Seat A: *Republican Joe Alfieri, Coeur d’Alene;
House Seat B: *Republican Elaine Price, Coeur d’Alene; Democrat Paula Marano, Coeur d’Alene
District 5
Senate: *Republican Carl Bjerke, Coeur d’Alene
House Seat A: *Republican Ron Mendive, Coeur d’Alene
House Seat B: *Republican Tony Wisniewski, Post Falls
District 6
Senate: *Republican Dan Foreman, Viola; Democrat Julia Parker, Moscow
House Seat A
House Seat B: *Republican Brandon Mitchell, Moscow
District 7
House Seat A
House Seat B: Republican Larry Dunn, White Bird; *Republican Charlie Shepherd, Pollock
District 8
Senate: *Republican Geoff Schroeder, Mountain Home; Republican Christy Zito, Hammett
House Seat A: *Republican Matt Bundy, Mountain Home; Constitution Party Tony Ullrich, Hammett
House Seat B: Republican Faye Thompson, McCall
District 9
House Seat A: Republican John Shirts, Weiser
House Seat B
District 10
House Seat A: Democrat Nancy Parker, Caldwell
House Seat B: *Republican Bruce Skaug, Nampa
District 11
Senate: *Republican Chris Trakel, Caldwell
House Seat A: Republican Kent Marmon, Caldwell
House Seat B: Republican Sarah Chaney, Caldwell; Democrat Marisela Pesina, Caldwell
District 12
Senate: Republican Victor Rodriguez, Nampa
House Seat A: Republican Jeff Cornilles, Nampa
House Seat B
District 13
House Seat A:
House Seat B: *Republican Kenny Wroten, Nampa; Republican Amy Henry, Nampa
District 14
Senate: *Republican Scott Grow, Eagle
House Seat A: *Republican Ted Hill, Eagle; Democrat Crystal Ivie, Eagle
House Seat B: *Republican Josh Tanner, Eagle
District 15
Senate: *Democrat Rick Just, Boise; Republican Code Galloway, Boise
House Seat A: *Democrat Steve Berch, Boise; Republican Steve Keyser, Boise; Republican Annette Tipton, Boise
House Seat B *Republican Dori Healey, Boise
District 16
Senate: *Democrat Ali Rabe, Boise
House Seat A: *Democrat Soñia Galaviz, Boise
House Seat B: Democrat Wayne Richey, Boise
District 17
Senate: *Democrat Carrie Semmelroth, Boise
House Seat A: *Democrat John Gannon, Boise
House Seat B
District 18
Senate: *Democrat Janie Ward-Engelking, Boise; Republican Dan Bridges, Boise
House Seat A: *Democrat Ilana Rubel, Boise
House Seat B: *Democrat Brooke Green, Boise
District 19
House Seat A: Democrat Monica Church, Boise
House Seat B: *Democrat Chris Mathias, Boise
District 20
Senate: Republican Josh Keyser, Meridian
House Seat A
House Seat B: *Republican James Holtzclaw, Meridian
District 21
House Seat A: *Republican James Petzke, Meridian
House Seat B: *Republican Jeff Ehlers, Meridian; Constitution Party Daniel Weston, Meridian
District 22
House Seat A: Democrat Loren Petty, Boise
House Seat B: *Republican Jason Monks, Nampa
District 23
Senate: *Republican Todd Lakey, Nampa
House Seat A: *Republican Melissa Durrant, Kuna
House Seat B
District 24
Senate: Democrat Edward Easterling, Kimberly
House Seat A: *Republican Chenele Dixon, Kimberly; Republican Clint Hostetler, Twin Falls
House Seat B
District 25
Senate: *Republican Linda Wright Hartgen, Twin Falls
House Seat A
House Seat B: *Republican Gregory Lanting, Twin Falls; Republican David Leavitt, Twin Falls
District 26
House Seat A: *Democrat Ned Burns, Bellevue
House Seat B
District 27
House Seat A
House Seat B: *Republican Clay Handy, Burley; Republican Pat Field, Burley
District 28
House Seat A: *Republican Rick Cheatum, Pocatello
House Seat B: *Republican Dan Garner, Clifton
District 29
Senate: *Democrat James Ruchti, Pocatello
House Seat A: *Republican Dustin Manwaring, Pocatello
House Seat B
District 30
Senate: Democrat Karen Keith, Blackfoot
House Seat A: *Republican David Cannon, Blackfoot
House Seat B: *Republican Julianne Young, Blackfoot
District 31
House Seat A: *Republican Jerald Raymond, Menan
House Seat B: *Republican Rod Furniss, Rigby
District 32
Senate: *Republican Kevin Cook, Idaho Falls
House Seat A: *Republican Stephanie Mickelsen, Idaho Falls
House Seat B: *Republican Wendy Horman, Idaho Falls
District 33
House Seat A: *Republican Barbara Ehardt, Idaho Falls
House Seat B: *Republican Marco Erickson, Idaho Falls
District 34
House Seat A: *Republican Jon Weber, Rexburg
House Seat B: *Republican Britt Raybould, Rexburg
District 35
House Seat A
House Seat B: *Republican Josh Wheeler, Ammon
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