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Do you have legal lights on your vehicle? Law enforcement sends out reminder on social media

Illegal lighting. | Courtesy Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office
REXBURG — Law enforcement agencies are sending out a reminder to drivers after seeing an increase in vehicles with illegal lighting.
The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that it’s seen aftermarket LED lighting on vehicles traveling around not only in city limits but on highways and county roadways. The post has gained traction with over 770 likes, over 600 shares, and over 300 comments.

Illegal lighting, such as LED light bars, is something that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office has seen multiple times. The office shared the post on its social media page from Twin Falls.
“We see it fairly regularly,” said Sgt. Isaac Payne with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. “If you are just using a vehicle for off-roading, whatever that vehicle is, you are good to go, but if it’s on a legal roadway, you can’t be using those lights.”
As Payne said, the lights are designated for off-highway and off-roadway use. They are not intended for use on public roads.
“While they might help you see better, they are blinding to other drivers,” the post from Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office said. “Just because you haven’t been stopped for it yet, doesn’t mean that it’s ok to run with them on.”

Courtesy Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office

“We usually run into this with people coming in from out of state or out of town, and they don’t realize the codes for Idaho or for this area,” Payne said.
Payne explained drivers could be warned or cited.
Under Idaho Code 49-923 for vehicle equipment, law enforcement agencies told that drivers with illegal lighting violations could face a $67 citation according to state statute.
“It all goes back to drivers safety. When we are using those lights on roadways with opposing traffic or even same-way traffic, it can impair their vision, and that creates a safety issue, so that’s why we enforce those codes. One, because it’s the law, and two, it’s a safety issue,” Payne said.
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