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Defense points to ‘ritualistic sacrifice’ in murders of Indiana girls

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (WISH) — The attorneys for accused Delphi murderer Richard Allen say they believe the killings of two young girls were part of a ritualistic sacrifice.
The explosive allegations are part of new court documents filed Monday by Allen’s attorneys.
Allen’s defense team hopes to convince a judge to throw out evidence in the case, and have Allen released from a state maximum security prison immediately.
Defense: Delphi girls killed by members of religion hijacked by white nationalism
Allen’s defense team filed a 136-page memorandum outlining their new theory of the case.
In that memorandum, the attorneys claim that “members of a pagan Norse religion, called Odinism, hijacked by white nationalists, ritualistically sacrificed Abigail Williams and Liberty German.”
The two were found dead near the Monon High Bridge on Feb. 14, 2017.
An autopsy showed the girls had been stabbed.
In a search warrant request in March 2017, an FBI agent claimed the girls’ bodies appeared to have been “moved and staged” at the crime scene.
The defense filing claims possible “Odinism signatures” were left at the crime scene, but that investigators abandoned that angle.
Allen’s attorneys go on to cite several potential suspects and their ties to Odinism. WISH-TV has chosen not to name those individuals as they have not been charged in the case.
Allegations police lied to and misled judge to obtain search warrant
The defense also asked Judge Frances Gull to throw out evidence found during the search of Richard Allen’s home approximately two weeks before his arrest.
Allen’s legal team argues that Carroll County Sheriff Tony Liggett “chose to hide crucial information from the search warrant affidavit and provided false statements in said Search Warrant Affidavit.”
The motion goes on to claim that had Liggett’s request included all available information, including the claims of Odinism involvement, the original judge would not have approved the search warrant.
In that search, investigators found a handgun they say is linked to the case through an unspent bullet found at the crime scene. They also found several knives in the home.
Renewed request to be moved out of maximum security
Allen’s lawyers have also renewed their request that he be immediately moved out of the state’s maximum security prison in Westville.
Allen has been held there since a few days after his arrest, part of a safekeeping order requested by the Carroll County sheriff.
Allen’s attorneys have likened his treatment to that of a “prisoner of war” and claim it has led to his deteriorating mental and physical condition.
Judge Gull has rejected a previous request, allowing the Department of Correction to determine the best placement for Allen.
The judge also ruled that the treatment Allen was receiving was no different than other prisoners.
“Counsel for Defendant Allen believe that it is improper to compare Defendant Allen’s circumstances with those of other offenders convicted of crimes such as murder, rape, child molesting, and robbery, to mention a few,” the attorneys wrote in the motion filed Monday as well.
The motion cites at least three times where the defense claims officers at the Westville prison have attempted to use a taser on Allen.
The defense also argues that video from the prison shows guards wearing patches on their uniforms, including one that read, “In Odin We Trust.”
Allen’s attorneys demanded that he be moved out of the prison and into a county jail to await trial.
The motion specifically mentions two facilities: the White County jail where he has previously been held, and the Cass County Jail “where he could be housed in a more modern and suitable jail.”
No hearings have been set for either motion.
The judge has issued a gag order that prevents either side or witnesses from making public statements in the case.
Richard Allen is tentatively set for trial in January 2024, although the case is almost certain to be delayed.
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