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Dad arrested for disturbing the peace after teenage daughter flashes neighbor kids

Courtesy Bonneville County Sheriff Office
IDAHO FALLS — A deputy arrested a dad for publicly yelling expletives after the deputy arrived to investigate a report of the man’s teenage daughter flashing the neighbors.
Court documents show a woman called the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday morning to report two 12- or 13-year-old girls had exposed their breasts to two 10-year-old children playing outside. The woman’s son was one of the two kids the girls flashed while they stood in the window of a home, according to a deputy’s report.
A deputy went to the house of the girl and spoke with her father, who “was upset and agitated” when speaking with investigators. The deputy asked the father to calm down so they “could speak as adults.” The deputy went on to say he was not going to charge anyone with a crime, but he was required to look into the behavior of his daughter.
The father then asked the deputy if he could press charges on the neighbors for voyeurism. Deputies told him no and the teenagers inside the house said the incident would never happen again. The father then apologized.
As the deputy went back to his patrol SUV, the father began yelling expletives from his porch, according to the deputy’s report. The deputy said he then told the father he was under arrest and sprinted up the driveway. Before the deputy could place the man into handcuffs, the father slammed the door.
The deputy then went inside the house and told the man he was under arrest for misdemeanor disturbing the peace. does not typically identify individuals charged with misdemeanors.
Once the deputy got the father into the patrol car, deputy reports show the dad “continuously sobbed and wailed” on the way to the Bonneville County Jail.
The dad pleaded guilty on Wednesday to disturbing the peace and Magistrate Judge Stephen Clark placed him on 30-days of unsupervised probation, releasing him from jail. The dad also received the option of a withheld judgment, meaning if he does not commit any crimes or violations of probation, the conviction can be taken off his record.
Court records show Clark also ordered the dad to pay $357.50 in fees and fines.
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