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City warns utility customers to be vigilant of scam callers

Courtesy city of Idaho Falls
The following is a news release from the city of Idaho Falls.
IDAHO FALLS – The city of Idaho Falls and Idaho Falls Power are reminding customers to be aware of scam callers and to not give any personal information over the phone.
Currently, calls are being made to utility customers claiming to be Idaho Falls Power and threatening to disconnect service unless payment for past due balances on their utility account are received.
Please be aware that Idaho Falls Power and the city of Idaho Falls Utility Office do not call and threaten to disconnect services if payment is not made immediately.
Any disconnect notice is printed in red ink on the customer’s most current utility bill. Over the last couple of days, we’ve received multiple calls from customers regarding these scams.
Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when you receive these calls:

If the caller is demanding immediate payment or requesting the purchase of a prepaid credit card to make a payment, it’s a scam.
If the caller says payment must be taken over the phone, it’s a scam.
If the caller cannot offer payment options, it’s a scam.
If you are unsure about whether you owe money to the city of Idaho Falls for utilities, hang up and call the utility office at (208) 612-8280 or the Idaho Falls Power office at (208) 612-8430.
Be cautious about providing any personal or financial information over the phone if you have not solicited the phone call.

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