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City View subdivision to bring more than 60 new residential lots to Pocatello

City View subdivision, in Pocatello, to bring 62 new homes. It is one of several new developments in the city. | Kalama Hines,
POCATELLO — Development has begun on a new Pocatello subdivision that will bring 62 new residential lots to a hilled area above Empire Park.
The City View subdivision, which will extend off of East Elm Street, will be completed in two phases, according to city public works development engineer Merril Quayle. The first phase, which includes much of the “earth-moving,” along with the installation of infrastructure, road paving and some of the lot divisions, is expected to be completed in August or September, barring supply chain issues.
The second phase of the project will extend north off of the road built during the first phase and end in a cul-de-sac. The second phase will begin immediately following the completion of the first.
“They’re hustling the fastest they can to get it in,” Quayle told
City View is one of several subdivisions in the works across the city, Quayle said. In all, the city will have added well over 100 new home lots, potentially near 200, over the next 12 to 24 months.
“We’ve got subdivisions in all sorts of phases,” he said. “There are some subdivisions that we’re working on right now that may not be done this year, but they’ll be completed this time next year.”
While City View is the largest of those planned subdivisions, another near trail creek will create 38 new lots. There are also plans in place for townhomes and multi-family properties.
“It’s something we need,” Quayle said. “Hopefully we can get in some affordable housing in these lots.”
Quayle is excited about the “responsible” and “sustainable” growth these developments represent and is hopeful it will lead to the commercial growth for which the city of Pocatello is starving.
“We hope that jobs will follow this and we’ll get some of the commercial and industrial growth that this town also needs,” he said.
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