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Chubbuck man who crashed into police cruiser while attempting to flee drug arrest sent on rider

Ryan Daniel Reyes | Bannock County Jail
POCATELLO — A man who pleaded guilty to leading a police chase while high on fentanyl has been sent on a rider.
Ryan Daniel Reyes, 32, pleaded guilty to felony counts of fleeing an officer and possession of fentanyl with intent to deliver after reaching a plea deal with the Bannock County Prosecutor’s office, court records show. In exchange for the plea, two felony counts of aggravated battery and enhancements for being a persistent violator and using a deadly weapon were dismissed.
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At a hearing Monday, Reyes was ordered to serve a rider with underlying prison sentences of four to five years and four to 10 years to be served concurrently, by District Judge Javier Gabiola.
A rider program is when a judge sends a person to prison for up to a year. There, they undergo different treatment programs, as needed. When the inmate has completed the program, the judge can then decide to send them back to prison for the rest of their sentence or release them on probation.
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Reyes was arrested in June 22 after Pocatello police officers watched him take part in what they believed to be three drug deals.
When the officers attempted a traffic stop on him, Reyes sped away, swerving into oncoming traffic and running a stop sign.
Noticing Reyes’ intention to take the eastbound Interstate 86 onramp on Yellowstone Avenue, an officer pulled across the onramp to block him. Reyes crashed into the cruiser and continued onto I-86. Officers were able to stop him, performing a successful PIT maneuver.
When they removed Reyes from his vehicle, he informed them he believed he was having a fentanyl-related overdose.
He was rushed to Portneuf Medical Center for immediate medical care.
During a search of his vehicle, officers found seven pills they believed to be fentanyl-laced dirty-30s.
In addition to the rider, Reyes has been ordered to pay $2,281 in fees and fines. His driver’s license will be suspended for one year following his incarceration.
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