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Chris Tapp, Carol Dodge to appear on Dr. Oz Thursday

IDAHO FALLS — Christopher Tapp is scheduled to tell his story with Carol and Brent Dodge on the nationally syndicated Dr. Oz talk show Thursday.

The title of the episode is ‘Exonerated! Mom helps free man convicted of killing her daughter’ and in preview video clips sent to, Tapp and his attorney, John Thomas, explain how he was “tricked” into being convicted for the rape and murder of Angie Dodge.

“I mean the best example I could give you was there was a map that they drew up of the apartment,” Tapp told Oz. “And the officers explaining to me that where did the murder happen? And they would be like ‘No, Chris, that’s that the living room, that’s wrong. It happened over here.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, okay.’

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Another clip shows Oz asking Tapp to speak directly to Carol and Brent Dodge and express his feelings about how they helped free him from prison.

“I’ve said so many words to you and I will continue to say how grateful and how thankful I am,” Tapp said. “I’m thankful that I can call you family and I’m thankful that we can sit here now and smile and laugh…I don’t want anybody to ever forget about Angie. I’ve always said that since I’ve come home. That is the one thing in this world, please know that. I will always stand up and I’ll always be able to say please don’t forget about Angie. But I love you guys.”

Carol responds, “I love you too, Chris.”

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Tapp was convicted in June 1996 for the murder of 18-year-old Angie Dodge. The then-20-year-old was sentenced to serve 20 years to life in prison, and over the years, he tried multiple times to appeal the conviction. Tapp’s DNA did not match that of DNA left at the crime scene, and serious questions were raised about his confession to Idaho Falls Police detectives. He was ultimately released from prison in 2017 and exonerated earlier this year when investigators arrested a man whose DNA matched DNA left at the scene.

Dr. Oz airs at 11 a.m. on KPVI Channel 6.


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