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CEI achieves impressive 11.1% credit student enrollment increase for Fall 2023 file photo
The following is a news release from the College of Eastern Idaho:
IDAHO FALLS — College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) proudly announces a remarkable 11.1% surge in credit student enrollment for the fall 2023 semester compared to the previous year. So far,1,772 credit-seeking students have enrolled, surpassing the 1,595 enrolled in fall 2022. And CEI isn’t done enrolling students yet. Regional high school students will continue to enroll in fall classes for another few weeks. CEI is already setting new enrollment records, and the official total will only climb past that high mark.
In a time when many educational institutions nationwide are grappling with declining enrollment figures, CEI stands out as a model for growth. Since its transition to a community college in 2017, CEI has consistently expanded its student body each academic year. Over the past seven years, CEI has witnessed an impressive 244% increase in its total credit student headcount, surging from 1,008 credit students in 2017 to an impressive 3,468 credit students for fiscal year 2023.
CEI’s commitment to offering accessible education is evident in its exceptionally low tuition rate of just $140 per credit, a factor that has enticed a record number of students to enroll. At the outset of the semester, eight CEI programs reached full capacity, with others closely following suit. Notably, 34% of the headcount represents first-generation students, while Hispanics and Latinos comprise 20% of the student body.
President Rick Aman expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to see so many eastern Idaho students taking advantage of the affordable and high-quality education that we offer at CEI. Our career technical programs are preparing our students for in-demand jobs in the fields of healthcare, cyber, information technology, and trades. We are committed to providing students with the skills they need to secure promising employment opportunities and embark on successful careers.”
In addition to the remarkable 11.1% increase in credit student enrollment, CEI has also seen a 6.8% boost in credits compared to the previous year, as indicated by the 10th day count, which enumerates the number of students enrolled on the 10th day of classes. Official fall enrollment figures are slated for release on October 15th.
Looking ahead, CEI anticipates continued growth with the introduction of the Idaho Launch program. Idaho Launch is a grant initiative that affords 2024 graduating seniors in Idaho the unique opportunity to receive 80% coverage of tuition and fees at eligible institutions, up to a maximum amount of $8,000.
CEI maintains its commitment to delivering industry-relevant, in-demand education, exemplified by the college’s impressive 97% positive placement rate in Career and Technical Education programs, an endorsement echoed by employers.
At CEI, every graduate is equipped to transform lives, forging a path not only for themselves but also for future generations.
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