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Caught on camera: Naked man arrested after allegedly crashing car into water, breaking into home

Tucker Jorgensen recorded 61-year-old Chris Daniels as he was arrested Monday. | Courtesy Tucker Jorgensen
RIGBY — A naked man was arrested Monday after deputies say he crashed his car into water before breaking into a nearby home.
Chris E. Daniels, 61, was taken into custody and booked into the Jefferson County Jail.

Chris E. Daniels | Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
The situation began when the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office received a report around 8:30 a.m. that an unoccupied Honda Civic was submerged in water in the “dry bed” at 433 North 4200 East. Deputies responded and began searching the water.
Around this time, Tucker Jorgensen tells he went to his neighbor’s home next to the dry bed. Jorgensen recently bought a lot on the other side of the neighbor’s house and wanted to check on some things.

Jefferson County Sheriff deputies search the “dry bed” Monday after a car was found submerged in water. | Courtesy Tucker Jorgensen
“My neighbor is out of town but I texted him and he said it was fine if I went into his backyard,” Jorgensen says. “As I went to leave his yard, I noticed the garage door to my neighbor’s shed was open.”
Jorgensen told investigators about the open door before leaving. But once he arrived back at home, deputies called and asked him to come back.
“I raced down there and cops had the house surrounded. Then this old guy who was butt naked came out of the house with handcuffs on,” Jorgensen explains.
Jorgensen, who recorded the arrest with his phone, says it appears Daniels went into the shed and used a big tool to break a window so he could get inside his neighbor’s house.
“He went right upstairs, dropped his clothes in the bathroom, took a pee and didn’t flush, pulled the covers back on the bed and just went to sleep,” Jorgensen says.

Courtesy photo
A Jefferson County Sheriff’s K9 unit was deployed and a naked Daniels was taken peacefully into custody, Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson says.
The vehicle was removed from the water and charges against Daniels are pending. As for Jorgensen, he is glad he went to his neighbor’s and happened to notice the shed’s open door.
“It was crazy to see all of this happen here,” he says.
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