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Bryan Terrell Clark of ‘Hamilton’ fame to perform at BYU-Idaho on Friday

Bryan Terrell Clark
REXBURG — Music-loving hearts will be set aflutter when actor/singer/songwriter Bryan Terrell Clark performs Friday night at the Brigham Young University-Idaho Hart Auditorium.
Clark’s concert, the latest event in BYU-Idaho Winter 2020 “Center Stage” season, will feature the multi-faceted artist’s abilities as a vocalist. Clark told that he’s excited to come spread some love through his music.
“I just can’t wait to get there,” Clark said. “I can’t wait to share my story, and I hope it illuminates love and humanity. It is Valentine’s Day weekend, so I’m excited to share some love through song and story.
Clark’s gifts for sharing song and story have enabled him to compile an impressive list of accomplishments. He shared the stage with Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett in acclaimed production “Fences” and portrayed soul legend Marvin Gaye in the Grammy-nominated Broadway musical “Motown: The Musical.”
He also played the role of George Washington in the massively successful hit “Hamilton.”
On top of that, he’s appeared on popular television programs like “The Unit,” “CSI:NY” and “Empire.” He has also written songs for artists like Mary J. Blige and performed with the likes of Maxwell, Brandy and Anita Baker.
Clark calls himself a storyteller and said his drive to perform was there almost from the start.
“I asked my mother not too long ago when I first wanted to become an actor, and she said, ‘Before you could talk,’” he said. “So I said, ‘Let me rephrase. When did I first say I wanted to be an actor?’ She said, ‘No, really, it was before you could talk.”
A fascination with his favorite shows captured Clark’s imagination, and his mother encouraged him to chase that passion.
“My mother is an amazing educator and a firm believer that we should observe our children and see the natural proclivities they have, what kind of passions that they come here with, and it’s the job of the parents or the mentors or guardians to guide and shape that journey. So at a very, very young age, my mother could see that I was drawn to the arts,” he said.

Clark’s love of the arts followed him through his teen years, where he attended a performing arts high school, and into college, where he studied theater at the Yale School of Drama and Temple University. Upon graduation, he began making appearances in productions, with his first television role being in “The Unit” and his first professional stage appearance in “Fences.”
Throughout his career, Clark has had many powerful, life-changing experiences, including playing Marvin Gaye.
“Man, that was a dream come true,” Clark said. “It was kind of powerful, serendipitous moment because Marvin Gaye was an artist that not only sang about love, but he also found great calling and purpose in his music around the time he recorded the song ‘What’s Going On.’ And it was around that time in my career that I decided to use my platform, use my gift, to bring awareness to and to bring a voice to people who needed it.”
Another big career highlight for Clark was getting to play George Washington in “Hamilton.”
“It was like being in a boy band,” he said. “I can’t really compare it to anything else. It is beloved by fans. It is a cultural-shifting piece. It’s iconic, and there will never be anything on Broadway like it. There was never anything on Broadway like it when it first entered the landscape. And it was powerful.
“It was another experience that changed my life,” he continued. “Studying George Washington, doing my research into that character, I learned a lot about what it meant to really be a servant and understanding that that’s what leadership is really about.”
Clark said he’s excited to take the stage in Rexburg, but he’s also excited to experience the area in his free time.
“I’m not there for very long, but I’m really looking forward to seeing like what are the sights,” he said. “What do people suggest that I see here? And what do people suggest that I eat here? You can learn a lot about a people and a place when you eat the food that everyone suggests there.”
Bryan Terrell Clark goes onstage at the BYU-Idaho Hart Auditorium in Rexburg at 7:30 pm on Friday, Feb. 14. Click here for tickets and information on future “Center Stage” events.

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