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Brandon Boudreaux family issues statement following Vallow Daybell guilty verdict

IDAHO FALLS — Brandon Boudreaux and his family issued a statement Sunday following the guilty verdict of Lori Vallow Daybell.
Boudreaux was married to Daybell’s niece, Melani Pawlowski, and was the second witness to testify at the trial.
We are very grateful to all who have been involved in this and corresponding cases over the past several years and who will continue to be involved until all those responsible have been given their chance in our judicial process. We want to express gratitude for the effort and time spent by so many to bring forward the truth. Our judicial process can’t bring back loved ones nor can it heal those left behind missing them. We will choose to lean on our faith for healing and express gratitude to the jury of our peers who had to face those horrible things to help bring about resolution.
We recognize that people are not inherently good or evil. It’s what makes these tragic events so much harder for those of us who were all affected by these crimes. While we do not glory in any conviction, we recognize the importance of holding accountable those who would commit such terrible atrocities. Tylee and JJ will be forever missed. They are precious and unique and will always be loved.
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We mourn the loss of them, we also mourn Charles as many have seen he was truly a good man. He loved his family and showed his love by providing so much for so many who knew him. He was always quick to make all feel welcome and he never let anyone go without. He was quick to spoil his family. He is missed every day.
We wish all of you could have known the good times our families shared: Disney, beaches, football games and holidays are treasured memories. As we have watched silently while complete strangers rally for justice, we thank you for standing for truth.
We mourn with the Daybell and Douglas families. We never met Tammy but she and you have been in our most sincere prayers. We can’t imagine the pain of your loss and hope that this process might help with healing and closure.
Lastly, many people have been involved in these events, some by choice and others perhaps not. Regardless of how they are involved, we encourage all to consider that this world is already so full of divisiveness. We advocate for forgiveness and privacy where possible. We live by the hope that the worst part of our lives does not become who we are. We do not condone nor encourage less prosecution for those accountable, but instead, encourage true change and accountability for those involved. We hope for sincere forgiveness for those affected that they might not carry the burden of hatred with the pain of loss.
John 15:12
This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
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