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Bonneville County GOP Chairman Nick Contos touts local party’s role and influence

IDAHO FALLS — With the May 21 primary election quickly approaching, Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Chairman Nick Contos sat down with to explain how the local GOP party functions and what its role is in the community.
He highlights the role of precinct committee officers and the importance of the upcoming election, discusses the Idaho GOP party platform and explains why the party has been endorsing candidates in primary election races and holding hearings to censure elected legislative officials in Legislative Districts 32 and 33.
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He referenced the preamble to the Bonneville County GOP Central Committee’s bylaws, which states, “The Bonneville County Republican Party exists for the express purpose of advancing the principles of the Republican platform. The participants in the Bonneville Republican party are committed to making our county, our state, and our nation better through the promotion of republican values.
“The Bonneville County Republican Party works with voters who choose to affiliate with the organization in order to promote our principles, and to recruit, nominate, and elect candidates for government office that will do the same. The BCRCC welcomes all participants who share belief in Republican platform principles and a desire to advance those principles.”
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