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BLM to begin tire removal project along Salmon River

The following is a news release from The Bureau of Land Management.

SALMON — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Salmon Field Office plans to remove tires, car parts, and woven wire cable used to create an armored riverbank revetment on the Salmon River downstream of the Morgan Bar campground and boat launch. The project area is about 6 miles downstream from the City of Salmon.

The revetment was built in the 1950s and has progressively failed over time, causing tires and tire rims, a car chassis, cables and other dangerous debris to fall into the river, creating public safety hazards. Today, approximately half of the structure remains.

Both the BLM and the public have attempted to remove the debris, but most of the tires, metal parts and wire cable in the river have filled with sediment and are now difficult to remove. The revetment also causes channel constriction that increases erosion on the opposite (east) bank, requiring the construction of rock structures to protect private property.

The BLM will begin work to remove the remaining revetment and debris in the river in October. Once the structure is removed, the bank will be stabilized using rock and natural materials, and reconstructed to its existing elevation with a more natural alignment to prevent additional erosion of the east bank.

The Salmon River is a valued resource at the center of the Salmon community, as well as a popular recreational fishing and boating destination for residents and visitors. Maintaining and improving the ecological health of the river is vital in order to support local businesses, including outfitter and guide services, restaurants, bars, motels, gas stations, and convenience and grocery stores.


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