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Bingham Arts Council sponsoring art history presentation this Friday

Courtesy J. Ken Spencer
BLACKFOOT — Award-winning painter J. Ken Spencer will give a presentation titled “A Brief Tour Through Art History” Friday night at the Blackfoot Public Library.
“A Brief Tour” offers an overview of artistic movements from throughout history, covering the major artists who drove those movements and the effects that rippled out from their work and changed how we look at the world.
“Most people have a little bit of exposure to things like ‘The Renaissance,” Spencer told “They’ve seen famous works like ‘The Mona Lisa’ or a statue of David from The Renaissance. But I intend to give a context for what happened. For example, you can only appreciate Impressionism if you understand the context of the classical and neoclassical establishment the Impressionists revolted against.”
The event invites art lovers and those who love learning to not only explore the works great artists have created throughout history, but also the way art influences culture and vice versa.
“For example, starting in the classical period, Greek and Roman, that set the stage for so many things throughout history,” Spencer said. “From governments to philosophy to science and those principals of the classical period really are the foundation of Western culture, ‘Western’ meaning European and modern American culture.”
“Art really is a reflection of a culture’s values,” he added. “What a culture finds important is what comes out in the art.”
“A Brief Tour” is sponsored by the Bingham Arts Council, a group working to enrich east Idaho and its residents through art education, exhibitions and art in public places.
“I’m one of two professional artists but there’s a number of educators and community people who have gotten together and created the Bingham Arts Council to try and promote the visual arts,” said Spencer. “We want to bring art to life. We want art to be more in the lives of people and if we can accomplish that, it will enrich our society and our communities.”
You can catch J. Ken Spencer’s “A Brief Tour Through Art History” Friday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Blackfoot Public Library. The event is free to the public. You can learn more about Spencer and his art by clicking here. To keep up on what the Bingham Arts Council is up to, click here.

Courtesy J. Ken Spencer
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