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Authorities warn of rising water levels on Snake River due to warmer weather

The Snake River in Idaho Falls. | file photo
The following is a news release from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office.
IDAHO FALLS — Warm temperatures and increased inflow of mountain runoff water this weekend could result in increased water flows in the Snake River. This becomes increasingly concerning as it creates dangerous conditions for anyone considering water recreation this weekend.
Mountain runoff water is still very cold and increased flows mean more unseen hazards, debris, and currents.
It’s critical to take note of these risks as it affects one’s ability to self-rescue along with rescue efforts by first responders. Unseen debris can damage a boat or cause it to capsize putting occupants in swift water and under current. Even with a flotation device, there is risk of hanging up on debris and a diminished ability to self-rescue as hypothermia sets in much faster at these water temperatures.
Always be respectful and patient with others using our waterways and boat ramps. Palisades and Ririe Reservoir water levels are high, which often brings an increased number of users in a variety of recreation. Boat ramps, parking lots, and floating docks can get congested, making it more important to pay attention to what you are doing and be respectful of others also using the area.
Bonneville County Sheriff’s deputies can’t stress enough the importance of everyone wearing a life jacket and always planing for safety. Idaho law requires anyone 14 years of age or younger on any water craft to wear a life jacket. If your plan is to recreate on the water this weekend, pay extra attention to conditions and consider whether or not your skills and equipment are adequate for it.
Additionally, it’s important to avoid using alcohol or intoxicating substances while operating watercraft. Doing so puts yourself and everyone around you at risk, especially in hazardous water conditions that are very unforgiving this time of year.
For more information on safe boating, registration and equipment requirements, visit
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