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Arizona man arrested after allegedly beating, raping woman in her home

Brandon Ty Lee | Bonneville County Jail
IDAHO FALLS — An Arizona man was arrested in Idaho Falls after a woman says he beat and raped her in her own home.
Brandon Ty Lee, 30, has charged with felony domestic battery with traumatic injury, according to court documents.
On Nov. 24, an Idaho Falls Police officer took a report of a domestic battery that occurred at a home in Idaho Falls. The suspect, Lee, was cited for battery.
On Nov. 30, the victim reportedly went to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center to have a sexual assault exam done and disclosed that during the night of the battery, Lee had also allegedly raped her.
She reportedly told the nurse examiner she was “too afraid to shower because I think he (Lee) is going to be there when I get out.”
According to the victim, Lee had moved from Arizona to Idaho and lived with her from Nov. 17 until the night of the assault.
On Nov. 24, around 11 p.m., Lee and the victim decided to sleep in the living room of her home. The two began arguing, and Lee “got on top of her and put his hands on her chest,” applying pressure, according to a police report.
The victim asked him to stop, but Lee reportedly continued to yell at her and told her to “take off her pants.” When the victim asked why, Lee reportedly stated, “This is how I take out my anger, with sex.”
The victim says Lee then raped her. She reportedly tried to push him away but “finally just gave up.”
Eventually, the victim says she “pushed him off hard” but that Lee “grabbed her arm and threw her across the room” before slapping her in the face.
Lee then reportedly grabbed the victim’s wrist and forced her to slap herself.
According to court documents, the victim was able to “make a fist and punch him,” but Lee took her fist and made her hit herself in the eye.
The victim then told Lee he “needed to leave” and said this made him angry, so he “slapped her again, really hard.”
At this point, the victim called out for help from a minor in the home, but did not get a response.
Lee then reportedly put his arm across the victim’s chest and his other hand across her nose and mouth, which the victim says kept her from being able to breathe.
Lee reportedly told the victim to “shut the f*** up” multiple times.
The fight stopped, and Lee told the victim they could go to sleep. She told Lee she was going to report him, but Lee said “she wasn’t, and he wasn’t going to let her go to work either.”
He also allegedly told her she couldn’t report him because he “had a warrant in Arizona.”
According to court documents, Lee did have a warrant in Arizona for a parole violation, but it was non-extraditable.
At this point, a minor came into the room and yelled at Lee to stop hurting the victim. Lee told the child he “did nothing,” and the victim was able to grab him by the hair and get him off her, according to a police report.
The victim was then able to call police. Lee reportedly said, “no matter how many times she called the police, he would be back.”
Officers met and spoke with the victim on Dec. 1, where they say they saw bruises on the victim’s neck, collarbone, arms and face, and scratches on her right arm.
The victim also reported that before the assault, Lee would often “sneak up on her and scare her.” When she told him he scared her, he replied, “she should be scared.”
A warrant was issued for Lee’s arrest on Dec. 21, and he was booked into the Bonneville County Jail on Dec. 26 with a bond of $30,000.
A no-contact order was issued for the victim, and Lee is expected to appear for a preliminary hearing on Jan. 3, 2024. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.
Though Lee has been charged with these crimes, it does not necessarily mean he committed them. Everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.
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