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An excessive heat wave is headed through eastern Idaho this week

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IDAHO FALLS – Eastern Idaho has had a fairly mild summer so far, but it’s about to get really hot.
The National Weather Service in Pocatello is forecasting a heat wave throughout eastern Idaho this week, with the brunt of it happening Wednesday through Saturday.
Meteorologist John Keyes tells projected temperatures will be slightly above average for this time of year and some areas could see record-breaking numbers.
“Across the entire region, unless you’re in the higher elevations, it’s generally going to be around 95 to 105. It will vary a little bit each day,” Keyes says.
And Keyes says temperatures aren’t likely to recover overnight, meaning nightly temperatures may be a little higher than usual. Mid to high 60s is the pattern Keyes is seeing.
In Pocatello, daytime highs are expected to range from 99 to 104 degrees. Ninety-eight to 102 is the projected outlook for Idaho Falls. Rexburg is the lowest, with a temperature range of 96-101.
The all-time record temperature for Idaho Falls is 102, which was set on June 25, 1988. For Pocatello, the all-time record high is 104, set on July 31, 2020.
Data isn’t available for Rexburg.
“That site has not been there long enough to be considered a climate site, so we don’t have any record for Rexburg,” Keyes explains.
Boise and other parts of the state will be impacted by the heat wave as well. For the Boise area, Keyes says the brunt of the heat impact will begin Tuesday with daytime highs ranging from 103-108 through Sunday.
The general temperature range in the Twin Falls area will be around 98 to 102 degrees throughout the week.
The hottest temperature ever recorded in Boise, according to the Idaho Statesman, is 111 degrees, set on July 12, 1898. Meteorologists on that side of the state say there’s a 45% chance Boise could equal the record and a 30% chance it could surpass it.

The heat wave is the result of a high pressure system setting up over the western United States, says Keyes.
As it progresses, Keyes offers a few safety tips. He’s reminding people to avoid being in the sun too long during the hottest part of the day and to check on people who don’t have access to air-conditioning.
“Make sure your pets are well-hydrated and are out of the heat as well. They’re just as vulnerable as we are,” says Keyes. “Stay hydrated and stay cool. The second you start to feel sick in these conditions, get out of the heat.”
A complete seven-day forecast is available here.
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