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A special Christmas gift from Secret Santa for a father and his daughter who just had brain surgery

The team is busy helping a local man gift $500,000 this holiday season! Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and wants to help as many people as he can.
We will be surprising deserving people and families every day from now until Christmas with gifts unique to their circumstances.
Adrian Lora, 29, was diagnosed with NF2 (neurofibromatosis type 2) in 2009 when she was just starting college. Most of the time NF2 is genetic, but in her case it was spontaneous so she had no way of knowing until it started to affect her body.
She has had over 30 surgeries to remove tumors attached to nerves in her body. Each tumor and surgery has caused her a lot of pain and loss of mobility, eyesight and hearing. Her father, Honorio, is her primary caregiver after her mother passed away.
Honorio was so afraid he wouldn’t be able to help his daughter with what she needed. As Adrian’s disease has progressed, her needs have increased. She can still do things on her own but is very limited and her needs will increase in the very near future.
Honorio and Adrian have to travel to Baltimore, Los Angeles or Salt Lake City for Adrian’s surgeries. Honorio never wants to accept help with the costs and wants to do everything on his own.
Even with all her trials, Adrian has learned how to arrange flowers and works with some ladies from her church to deliver the arrangements to others who need something to brighten their day.
Secret Santa decided to brighten the Loras day and asked the elves to take them a special gift. Watch the video above to see what happened!

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