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A magician sent East Idaho News a package with headline predictions for Oct. 27. We finally opened it.

Reporter Andrea Olson with Magician Larry Wilson at Longfellow Elementary School on Friday. | Jordan Wood,
IDAHO FALLS — At the beginning of October, a magician sent a package to containing predictions for news headlines. We were not allowed to open it until Friday, Oct. 27, to see if he was right.
With the collaboration of IE Productions and the Downtown Event Center, I was invited to Longfellow Elementary School to open the package we’ve kept in our newsroom for three weeks — since Oct. 6 — in front of students with Larry Wilson: the magician.
Wilson is an Emmy-nominated performer and has appeared regularly at Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s, and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe, Nevada, according to his website.
“Can anyone here predict the future?” Wilson said in front of a crowd of Longfellow elementary students.
He asked if any of us at had opened the package or had tried to. None of the seals were broken on it and we did not attempt to open it.
When I opened the package with scissors, there was a box wrapped in Christmas paper. After removing the paper, there was bubble wrap surrounding it, then the box that needed a key. Wilson handed me a key so I could open it.
“Inside, my prediction about things that might happen today!” Wilson said.
There were three white envelopes inside. The first one was addressed, “Number one. Open me first.”
It said: “I predict that my show at the Downtown Event Center will be a whopping success.” It was signed by Larry Wilson.
In the second envelope, it said, “I predict that no one will be impressed by my first prediction.”
Then the final envelope said, “I predict the headlines on Friday, October 27, 2023 will include:

Idaho Falls growth spurs connectivity
State championships are on the line for Ririe girl runners
Idaho National Laboratory opens thousands of acres for clean energy
and probably something about a new Beatles song coming November 2

Wilson pulled out the Post Register newspaper that was dated on Friday and read similar headlines:

As Idaho Falls grows more and more, the focus turns to connectivity
Ririe girls chasing history at state championship
Idaho National Laboratory potentially opening 23,000 acres for clean energy projects

How he did it, I have no idea because has been keeping a close eye on the package we received. Did the package ever get swapped out beforehand? Who knows! I don’t understand it.
If you would like to see Wilson in action, he will be performing at the DEC this weekend, Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m. It will be a haunted magic show. Click here.
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