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A look at campaign donations and expenditures in Idaho Falls, Ammon and Rexburg

IDAHO FALLS — It’s not a major election year, but there are enough candidates running for various city council or mayoral positions that candidates are fundraising and spending money to get their message out.

Candidates are required to file contribution and expenditures at regular intervals during he months leading up to and following an election. The following are the total expenditures and contributions of candidates running for mayor or city council in Idaho Falls, Ammon and Rexburg. The amounts are current as of the last filing date on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

The next deadline for reporting contributions and expenditures is Dec. 5.

Election day is on Tuesday.

Idaho Falls

Even with just one contested city council seat, Idaho Falls city council candidates have raised and spent the most money on the Nov. 5 election thus far.

Incumbent Thomas Hally is running for Seat 3

Thomas Hally has received $11,612 in campaign contributions. A total of $4,195 of those contributions are loans.

Hally received a $1,000 campaign contribution from local developer Morgan Construction, which is owned by Matt Morgan and is behind the Jackson Hole Junction development. Other $1,000 contributions came from Lynn Morgan, Idaho Falls Cars & Trucks (owned by Mont Crnkovich), Stacy Crnkovich, and Rainey Creek Enterprises. Stephen Martin is listed as registered agent of Rainey Creek Enterprises.

Hally also received various other smaller contributions from businesses or individuals.

Thus far, Hally has spent $3,502, primarily on advertising. His largest expenditure — $2,675 — was spent at Lamar Advertising, a billboard company. He also spent $725.04 at Decal Star, a sign company.

Stephanie Lucas is running for Seat 3

Stephanie Lucas started out with $1,571 cash on hand and brought in $2,500 more in contributions for a total of $4,071 in campaign finances.

Her largest contributors include Bryan Smith, the second vice chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, who donated $1,000. Mark Fuller, the chairman of the Bonneville County Republican Party donated $250. Degrande Resources, which lists Fuller as its registered agent, donated $900.

Lucas also received several smaller donations.

So far she has spend under $300 total on Facebook advertising and at a sign company.

John Radford is running uncontested for Seat 5

John Radford came into the race with $584. He has not received any other contributions or had any expenditures.

Michelle Ziel-Dingman is running uncontested for Seat 1

Michelle Ziel-Dingman has a total of $827 in campaign funds. Around $150 comes from donations from individuals. The rest comes from loans and credit cards. She spent $473.24 on events and food.


Only two of the six candidates for Ammon city council have received any campaign contributions or expenditures. D. Ray Ellis and Josh Wheeler. Both candidates are running for Seat 5.

D. Ray Ellis

D. Ray Ellis contributed $556.50 to his own campaign to purchase yard signs. He spent the total $556.50 at Landmark Signs.

Josh Wheeler

Josh Wheeler contributed $2,376.89 to his own campaign. He also received some small individual contributions bringing his campaign finances up to a total of $2,597.58. He has spent $614.48 on brochures and printing.


The position of mayor is up for election as well as three city council seats in Rexburg.


Jerry Merrill (incumbent)

Mayor Jerry Merrill contributed a total of $87.04 to his campaign to pay for printing and brochures as well as general expenses.

Travis Brown

Challenger to Merrill, Travis Brown has a total of $2,290.79 in his campaign finances, $2,063.53 of that comes from loans. The rest comes from small individual contributions.

Brown’s largest expenditures were to Signs 365, he spent $1,068, and to Paramount 5 where he spent $280. Both expenses were for advertising.

City Council

Four candidates including two incumbents and two challengers are competing for three city council seats.

Tisha Flora (incumbent)

Tisha Flora has a total of $368.89 in her campaign finances. All of the money she’s received came from Jason Flora. The councilwoman has not listed any expenditures in her financial disclosure report.

Bryanna Johnson

Bryanna Johnson has a total of $901.50 in her campaign finances. She contributed $625 to her own campaign. Current city councilman and Rexburg Chamber of Commerce president Christopher Mann contributed $100 to her campaign.

She has spent all of her campaign finances on advertising and printing.

Jordan Busby (incumbent)

Jordan Busby spent all $122.96 of his campaign financing on advertising from Alphagraphics.

Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers contributed $507.32 to his own campaign and received an individual contribution of $200 for a total of $707.32 in campaign finances.

Chambers’ largest expenditures were $372.50 with Signz and $234.84 with Next Day Flyers.


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