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A 6-ton potato is one of Idaho’s hottest Airbnb locations. Would you sleep in this?

BOISE (Idaho Statesman) — Tons of tourists are dreaming of staying in a giant Idaho potato.
The coronavirus pandemic forced people to cancel travel plans and stay at home for months in 2020. Some people took that time to fantasize about future vacations they could take and discovered Boise’s famous Big Idaho Potato Hotel.
Now tourists can’t wait to stay in the 28-foot-long Russet Burbank potato.
“After months of spending time indoors this year, Airbnb has identified a new trend of ‘wish list wanderlust’ as Americans are daydreaming about traveling regularly and reporting feeling optimistic as a result,” Airbnb said in a news release.
Airbnb looked at which listings tourists were adding to their wish lists the most in every state. In typical Idaho nature, the “most wish listed” stay is the 6-ton potato model that was repurposed into a one-bedroom mini hotel.
The hotel has gone viral before, the Idaho Statesman reported. The potato originally traveled around to 48 states for seven years, according to the listing. It was part of the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour.
It has one bedroom, one bed and one bathroom, but it sits on 400 acres of Idaho farmland south of downtown Boise. It will cost a minimum of $165 per night to stay in the spud.
“There is also a customized silo turned into a spa retreat perfect for soaking while looking up at the stars,” the listing said. “For an extra dose of cuteness, The Big Idaho Potato Hotel comes with the cutest jersey cow in the world who will be your fuzzy pet for the stay.”
Airbnb didn’t say how many people added the unique stay to their wish list, but the potato is already booked for several weekends in 2021.
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