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5th grader doles out THC gummies at Utah school; parent under investigation

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NORTH OGDEN, Utah ( — North Ogden police are investigating the parent of an 11-year-old student who took a bag of THC infused gummy worms to school and gave them out to friends.
The incident happened on March 26 at Green Acres Elementary School, 640 E. 1900 North in North Ogden. The police department confirmed the incident Tuesday.
The student took a bag of THC gummies to school from home believing they were candy. “During recess, the child handed out the THC gummy worms to four other children. Each child ate between one to three gummy worms,” police said in a statement.
The children, all 10 and 11 years old, “became ill,” police said. After one of the parents of the child who brought the gummies told school administrators what had happened, the school notified the parents of the other children and contacted poison control.
“One child was reported to have been checked out by a doctor and was advised to sleep off the effects,” according to the department.
North Ogden police say potential charges against the parent of the child who brought the THC gummies to school are being reviewed. The Division of Child and Family Services has also opened a case against the parent, police say.
Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay added Tuesday it was a fifth-grade student who brought the gummies to school.
“It’s our understanding the student thought they were candy,” he said.
He said the students who consumed the gummy worms experienced some “light-headedness,” but did not show any other symptoms.
Following the incident, the district sent a message to parents reminding them to secure all medications in their home.
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