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Man delivers packages tossed from FedEx truck

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) – A local couple went out of their way to help save the holidays after, they say, a delivery driver tossed some packages that hadn’t been delivered yet.
Zach Arnwine and his fiancée were driving along Ohio State Route 123 in German Township on Friday evening. Arnwine says his fiancée saw a FedEx truck stopped in the road, with its flashers on. He says she thought it looked like the driver was throwing something on the side of the road.
“When we turned around, (the driver) was already gone. So, we pulled up where he was, and there were packages lying everywhere. So, we decided to pick them up,” he said.
Arnwine knew he had to do something more.
“(It was) horrible, like that’s something that you wish you never you would never see. I called every number on each box and told them that I had their package and I will deliver them to their house,” he said.
And the reactions he got were priceless.
“They were amazed, said Arnwine. “They were wondering how I got their phone number and their package, but I explained the situation and they got their package delivery.”
Royce Charbeneau was one of those customers who got a package from Arnwine. Charbeneau says he received a text from FedEx saying this package and a second one had been delivered.
“We decided we need to hurry up and check out and get there to get them off the porch,” said Charbeneau. “On the way home, we get a call. It’s a number I don’t know, and I usually don’t answer numbers I don’t know, but I did. It was a guy named Zach and he said he had our package.”
He says he didn’t believe it at first.
“But then, after I met Zach and talked to him in person, I believed it. I called FedEx to try to get a straight answer. They said there were two packages delivered. Zach could only find one of them. Usually, when we get a delivery, we get a picture with it showing it’s on our porch. We didn’t get a picture this time — first time ever that we didn’t get a picture,” he said.
Charboneau has filed a complaint and says FedEx told him it’s under investigation.
Arnwine says he delivered the packages instead of taking them to the police because he wanted to make sure they got to where they were supposed to go and didn’t want them stuck in an evidence room, or someplace else over the holidays.
He says he has also reached out to FedEx about the situation, but has not been able to speak with anyone.
Local 12 reached out to FedEx’s media relations team Monday morning, but so far, no one has returned the request.
This story first appeared on fellow CNN affiliate WKRC.
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