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Idaho Falls Fiber services are back up and running after crash

The dump truck crash. | Kaitlyn Hart,
IDAHO FALLS — All internet services for Idaho Falls Fiber customers were restored Wednesday morning after a dump truck pulling a trailer hit an overhead communication line on Tuesday afternoon.
The crash caused the Idaho Falls Fiber lines to fall across McNeil Drive and along the sidewalk.
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Restoring the line was a time-consuming process that took most of the night.
“To put this into perspective, there was 168 fibers (that were affected). A fiber is a little strand of glass that transmits data. There are 168 fibers that needed to be spliced at both ends. So that totals out to 672 connections that they (crews) have to prep, clean, cut and fuse,” said Idaho Falls spokesman Eric Grossarth.
Grossarth said it’s still unknown how many people were affected by the outage. However, it spanned beyond Bonneville County to Bingham County. The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office reported on Tuesday that internet services were down in the courthouse at 2:10 p.m.
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Lt. Jeremy Hook told the cause of the outage appeared to be related to the dump truck crash in Idaho Falls. Services were restored Tuesday night at the courthouse.

This is a photo of fibers being connected inside of an Idaho Falls Fiber splice trailer. | Courtesy Idaho Falls Fiber
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