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How to walk on ice without falling on your butt

A viewer sent this porch camera video. She said she had a bloody elbow but was otherwise fine.
At, we frequently warn readers about slick roads during the winter. (See our most recent story on road conditions here.) Most of you know the drill by now — slow down, give yourself plenty of stopping distance, have good tires, check the road webcams and weather conditions, don’t drive unless you have to and, above all, don’t be stupid.
But what happens once you’ve reached your destination and get out of your car?
These tips from Washington State University may help you stay on your feet.
Be cautious: In cold temperatures, approach with caution and assume that all wet, dark areas on pavements are slippery and icy. Be extra careful when getting into or out of vehicles; hold onto the vehicle for support.
Put your best foot forward: Wear the right shoes, which means shoes with large treads or raised patterns. Non-slip rubber or neoprene are best. Avoid wearing boots or shoes with smooth soles and heels. You might even consider getting some traction devices for your shoes. The steel coils on the bottom give some grip with ice and allow for better balance.
Stay on the path: Walk in designated, cleared walkways as much as possible. Taking shortcuts over snow banks and other frozen areas can be hazardous.
Think like a penguin! Point your feet out slightly like a penguin. Spreading your feet out slightly while walking on ice increases your center of gravity. Bend slightly and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over the feet as much as possible.
Keep your hands out of your pockets: Hands in your pockets while walking decreases your center of gravity and balance. You can help break your fall with your hands free if you do start to slip.
Oh, and the don’t be stupid rule still applies.

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