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Camper erupts into flames in parking lot

Camper on fire outside of Broulim’s parking lot in Shelley. | Courtesy Christa Jenson
SHELLEY — A man and his dog are safe after his camper burst into flames from a propane stove in a Broulim’s parking lot over the weekend.
“We smelled the burning smell. At first, there was black smoke, then you could see the flames burst,” said Christa Jenson, who witnessed the fire. “It was crazy to see.”
The fire happened on Saturday before 3 p.m. at the Broulim’s parking lot in Shelley. A sergeant with the Shelley Police Department told the man who owned the camper, which was attached to a truck, was headed to North Bingham County Park to hook up at the trailer park for the night. He stopped at Broulim’s to get some groceries.
“He turned his propane stove on inside the camper to warm the camper up, and he went inside and came back out, and the camper had lit up,” said Sgt. Robert Tincher with the Shelley Police Department. “(It’s) a total loss. There’s no recovery. That was his home. It’s a sad situation.”
Tincher said he was not sure how much money in damages was lost to the 2006 Everest Camper. There was no damage to the pickup truck that was attached.
Tincher said the man’s dog was inside the truck at the time, and he was able to get the dog out as the flames moved forward.
“Luckily, the fire department got there in time and knocked the fire down before it made it up to the truck,” he said.
He said in a situation like this, it’s a good reminder to always follow safety recommendations when you buy and maintain a camper.
“Don’t leave the stoves unattended. Make sure there’s no clutter or debris around them when they are lit. Make sure your regulators are up to date and taken care of. Have your annual inspections. Make sure your tanks are good for the year and properly filled at a reputable location,” said Tincher.
Tincher said no one was hurt in the fire.

Firefighter and camper outside of Broulim’s parking lot in Shelley. | Courtesy Christa Jenson

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